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Stormkage (SuperAdmin) 8/24/2009 12:40 PM EST : Guild Rules and Application Template

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Guild Rules.
(Are not limited to)

1. Be nice. (For example: If someone is doing something wrong, do not yell or insult them, but try and explain to them what they are doing wrong and help them improve.)
2. No excessive swearing in Guild Chat, Raid Chat, Trade Chat, etc. ( You want to represent your guild in a good way, and swearing is not going to help accomplish that.)
3. Act mature.
4. Don't break World of Warcraft's game policies.
5. Use common sense.

You are welcome to apply even if you see we are not considering your class/spec.

Here is the application template. (You have to use it, or your application will not be considered)


About Yourself:
- Your name, age, location, etc:
- How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

About your Main Character:
- Character Name:
- Character Class:
- Character Specialisation:
Please do note that we want our Raiders to be flexible so having Dual Specialisation is a huge plus!
- Have your purchased Dual Specialisation, if not please state why.
Please do note that we expect you to be in the best PvE spec for your class unless recruited for a certain specialisation.
- Are you up to change talents build according to raid needs?
- Rare or useful recipes (optional):
- Do you share your account with other people?
- Is this your Main Character?
- Which item of your main armor is it you are most proud of?
- What Alts do you have?
- Your Armory profile link:

- Comments on armory profile (optional):

- Is there anyone in Cataclysm that will be able to vouch for you?

About Raiding:
Experience in raid instances ( specify if on another character and the name )
- WOW (Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ40, Nax40):
- WOTLK (Nax25, Malygos, Sartharion, Ulduar):

We currently raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:00 - 00:00
- Can you at least attend 2/3 of our main raids per week?
- Can you always stay till the end of the raid?
-We like to be active in Heroic 5 man dungeons, almost as much as in 10/25 man Raids, are you fine with that?
- Where do you play from? ( home, internet cafe, other):

Please note that bringing spare items for the whole raid is appreciated, but not required.
- Which flasks/elixirs and which food do you bring to a raid?
- Which other consumables do you bring to a raid?
- How many pots would you normally bring to a raid?
- Are you able obtain or craft your own raiding consumables?
- Do repair costs upset you?

About Your Character History and Development:
- Which Guilds have you been in?
- Why did you leave them?
- Did you level this character yourself from level 1-80?
- What professions do you have?
- How did you hear about Cataclysm?

About Your Setup:

We require all our Guild's members to have a stable & reliable internet connection.
-Do you have a stable & reliable internet connection?

For raiding we require you use Omen Threatmeter, Deadly Boss Mods.
-Do you have these mods installed and setup?
-Healers, which healing addon do you use? ( e.g. HealBot, Grid etc. )

About you and us, Cataclysm:

- Why do you want to join Cataclysm?
We use "Master Looter" system.
- Do you agree?
We have an initiation period. In order to pass your initiation, you should be available and ready to raid.
Show up to raids on time with consumables,required mods. Normally the trial lasts two weeks.
It may be longer orshorter depending on you.

- Are you happy with our recruitment period and it's conditions?

You're almost there now...some light questions to end up with...
-Can you run out of purple/brown/yellow/pink/red/yellow/black/blue stuff that's on the floor before it kills you and not respond with "OMGLAGG?!11111"
- Do you spend most of you raid time in-game oralt-tabbed? If alt tabbed please state which websites you will beletting us wait for.
- This is the part for you to add any additional information you think we might find interesting, and assist us while considering your application.

Last question, and probably the most important one of them all!
- Have you read the guild rules, and agree with them?

(Application Template written by Dwemer "Bronzebeard EU" <Affinity>)


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